NAR offers one overall distinct advantage when comparing the organizationís offerings to other existing training entities servicing the Indian communities: Quality Trainers. In fact, much of the feedback that we have received is praise for our trainers. Click here to read some of our testimonials.

Most of these trainers are Native Americans whose work bridges the gap between the theoretical to the practical world-of-work. Here is a partial list of some of the people who have taught our sessions.

Tribal organizations are strongly encouraged to review the qualifications of trainers prior to hosting any on-site session or sending staff to public sessions.

Trainer bios require the free Adobe Reader to view. Click here to download the latest version.

ASENAP, Richard (Comanche) - Business & Economic Development

AZULE, Dean (Gila River) - Math & Science Education

BACA, Leslie (Isleta) - Computer Training

BEGAY, Elizabeth (Klamath) - Proposal Writing

BLUEHOUSE, Philmer (Navajo) - Peacemaker Court

BOWEKATY, Malcolm (Zuni)

CATA, Samuel (San Juan) - Management

CLAHCHISCHILLIAGE, Sharon,MSW (Navajo) - Social Services, Enrollment Issues, ICWA

COOK, James L. - Indian Legal Issues, Personnel

CULBERTSON, Kay (Assiniboine-Sioux) - Indian Health Issues, Native Women's Issues, Cultural Diversity

FAIRBANKS, Cheryl, Esq. (Tlingit-Tsimpshian) - Social Services, Tribal Courts, ICWA

FRENCH, Robert (Wichita-Comanche) - Ethics, Personnel

GUILLORY, Patrick (Houma) - Indian Legal Issues, ICWA

GRAHN, Sheryl (Rincon) - Human Resources Development

GRAY, Michael (Blackfeet) - Advertising & Marketing

IVES, Patricia S., Esq. - Employment & Education Law, Civil Rights Law and Litigation

JARRETT, Danny W., Esq. - Indian Legal Issues, Personnel

KAULEY, Dolly (Eastern Band Cherokee) - Supervisory Skills, Sexual Harassment Prevention, Conflict Management

KEESWOOD, Raymond M., Jr. LADAC, CPS (Navajo) - Alcohol & Drug Prevention Specialist

KLAR, Dana, Esq. (Houma) - Social Services, ICWA

LITTLE, Anthony, Esq.(Rosebud Sioux) - Tribal Courts

LOPEZ, Lehua (Native Hawiian) - Cultural Diversity, Women's Issues, Fundraising

LUHAN, Angela (Isleta) - Enrollment, ICWA, Tribal Courts

MCBRIDE, Mike, Esq. - Indian Legal Issues, Enrollment, Gaming

MONTANO, Andrew - Indian Health Boards

MONTEAU, Harold, Esq. ( Chippewa-Cree) - Compacts, Gaming Law, and Commission Responsibilities

MORRIS, Wynema (Omaha)-Management, Supervision, Ethics, Mediation, Gaming Issues

NARANJO, Roger (Santa Clara ) - Gang Supression

NASEYOMA, Joyce (Hopi/Taos) - Behavioral Health

NEJO, Reynolds (Northern Diegueno) - Drug Prevention

OPEL, Fritz - Casino Marketing

PARKER, Sandra (Cherokee) - Economic Development

PEEBLES, John, Esq. - Tribal Gaming and Taxation Issues

PLUCHINOTA, Joseph, PhD - Indian Legal Issues, Personnel

POSTON, Stephine L. (Sandia Pueblo) - Supervisory Skills, Cultural Diversity, Sexual Harassment Prevention

PRATTE, Clara (Navajo) - Education, Training, Social Services' Issues, International Affairs, Indigenous Rights, Economic & Community Development

REDNER, Frank ( Yomba Band of Shoshone) - Gaming Management and Auditing Issues

SANCHEZ, Gilbert (Jemez-Laguna) - Education, School Boards

SELLS, Ron, CPA, CFE - Investment Strategies, Audits

SILVERSMITH, Ben (Navajo) - Family Violence, Counseling

SMITH, Jane, Judge (Colville) - Tribal Courtsí Procedures

STANCIL, Joanna (Shawnee/Cherokee) - Expert in Staff Development, Diversity Training and Communications

STEVENSON, Elvin (Cherokee) - Investment Strategies

TAFOYA, Nadine (Santa Clara) - Social Services

TELLER, Verna (Isleta) - Tribal Government Issues and Robertís Rules of Order

VIGIL, Elias - Economic Development and Diversification

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