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“ We design training events for the Native Communities and have been
helping tribes and tribal enterprises for over 3 decades in addressing
today‚Äôs ever-changing, multi-faceted, work-environment ”
Native American Resources, LLC (NAR) is an Albuquerque, New Mexico based training and technical assistance firm specializing in the management and human resources needs of tribal organizations.

We have combined the talents of dozens of American Indian and non-Indian trainers and consultants to provide tribal organizations the very best and most affordable training and technical assistance opportunities. Most of you know us and have been extremely pleased with our past services. We can provide your organization with effective training on dozens of topics of timely interest to Council, Board, and Committee members; to tribal casino employees; to specific groups within your work force; and to virtually any other group that works within a tribal organization.
We implement these services at your location and, occasionally, at public conferences in key cities. Choose from over 75 training subject areas (human resources, tribal governance, social services, tribal courts, etc.) We have implemented on-site training sessions for 5 to 600 participants, with excellent results as confirmed from letters of commendations from various tribal organizations.
Get to know us again and our on-site trainings by calling us or by emailing us to inquire on how you can maximize your training and technical assistance dollars.
What is NAR?
NAR is a well-established training and technical assistance organization specializing in the needs of tribal entities. The organization encompasses the talents of many Indian trainers who are not only experts in their fields, but bring to the training podium the rich and esoteric perspective of various Indian cultures. The firm is constantly recruiting consultants that can effectively address the emerging social and economic needs faced by tribal organizations and enterprises.

What does NAR do?
Specifically, the organization provides training and consultation in the areas of Indian social services, human resource development, cross-cultural awareness, management of change, decision-making, planning, conflict resolution, and the development of effective, cohesive and non-rival work-teams. NAR has delivered many conferences and workshops at public and hosting locations, and has received commendations for the quality and impact of its training and the conservatism of its fees. Tribes, affiliated organizations, government and private agencies, have all benefited from the relevancy, modality and effectiveness of the training and the technical assistance offered by NAR.
Further, the organization is aware of limited training budgets and constantly recommends workshops to be delivered to the communities directly as on-site sessions, thereby maximizing the impact of the training and minimizing its cost. For questions about On-Site Seminars, please contact us at (505) 268-4120.

Why does NAR do what it does?
NAR's major goal is to facilitate change within Indian organizations by implementing conferences, workshops and training seminars that promote expertise in leadership, culturally sensitive management, respect for cultural diversity, and effective utilization of human resources.

What happens at NAR training sessions?
Each workshop not only imparts specific knowledge, but also promotes personal responsibility, personal development, the need for positive interaction, and effective leadership in the supervision and management of human resources within tribal organizations.

What topics does NAR cover?
NAR provides workshops and conferences on a wide variety of Native American issues, from Tribal Governance and Indian Gaming to Tribal Social Services and Education. Additionally, NAR is always open to your feedback on topics our customers are interested in. Click here for information on the types of seminars NAR offers, and to request more information on hosting one. Does NAR offer any resources on the topics it covers?
NAR offers maps of Native American Gaming sites and Tribes of the United States, and sample materials for tribal administration and HR Departments.

Who instructs NAR workshops?
NAR's offers only the highest quality trainers for its workshops. Most of NAR's trainers are Native Americans with intimate knowledge of the unique cultural dynamics involved in Tribal issues. For a listing of some of our trainers, click here. How do I find out more about NAR and the workshops that it offers?

Feel free to contact us with any and all of your questions. We will be sure to answer your questions as soon as we are able.