Native American Resources, LLC (NAR) is an Albuquerque-based training and technical assistance firm specializing in the management and human resources needs of tribal organizations.
We have combined the talents of dozens of American Indian and non-Indian trainers and consultants to provide tribal organizations the very best and most affordable training and technical assistance opportunities.
Most of you know us and have been extremely pleased with our past services. We can provide your organization with effective training on dozens of topics of timely interest to Council, Board, and Committee members; to tribal casino employees; to specific groups within your work force; and to virtually any other group that works within a tribal organization. Click here to read some of our testimonials.
We implement these services at your location and, occasionally, at public conferences in key cities. Choose from over 75 training subject areas (human resources, tribal governance, social services, tribal courts, etc.) We have implemented on-site training sessions for 5 to 600 participants, with excellent results as confirmed from letters of commendations from various tribal organizations.
Get to know us again and our on-site trainings by calling us or by emailing us to inquire on how you can maximize your training and technical assistance dollars:
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